Active Compliant Technology

We equip robots with sensitivity using patented Active Compliant Technology (ACT) - and they are therefore more flexible, reliable and economical than ever. ACT-optimized robots intelligently adapt themselves to suit complex surfaces, meaning they are able to automatically measure the amount of force that needs to be applied. They are even able to offset any sudden counter forces, if objects move for example. ACT is able to increase efficiency when used as either a standard tool, or as a function package optimized for special requirements, precisely where a seamlessly automated production process was not previously achievable. There is also no need for lengthy and expensive test phases on implementation. Rather than having to wait months to be able to quantify the improvements in performance and quality made possible with our ACT-based solutions, results can be noticed immediately.

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  • By equipping robots with tactile sensitivity, FerRobotics makes sure all the voids caused by automation in terms of quality are filled
  • Complex manual operations which are hazardous to health can be now automated.
  • Both quality and precision are improved with automated contact processes
  • Added value is increased as the production process is both cheaper and quicker
  • Our technology can be integrated into both new and existing systems in a fast, flexible and reliable manner

ACFActive Contact Flange

The Active Contact Flange fits every robot like a velvet glove. Those robots equipped with ACF are able to reliably measure the force they apply, meaning they can meet the requirements of complex component parts of their own accord. ACF combines all the fortes of Active Compliant Technology to form a universally applicable Add-on. This technology is able to automate both operations sensitive to contact, and applications with various tolerance levels, in a simple, reliable and economical manner, in turn increasing the ability of our clients to be competitive on the market.

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AOKActive Orbital Kit

The AOK is an intelligent system package, which combines the Active Compliant Technology with a specially-developed orbital grinder. This grinding solution has been designed to comfortably robotize surface treatment no matter what material is used.As such, not only can this all-in-one integrated solution be used immediately, but it also automates the industrial grinding process. It is possible to regulate each process parameter individually, from the rotation speed, to the contact force, all the way to feeding rate. The AOK is built in a compact and simple manner. The grinder is extremely hard-wearing and suitable for use in industry. It can also deliver double the performance of the equipment normally used in the sector - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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AAKActive Angular Kit

As an integrated grinding solution for weld leveling, the AAK also guarantees a significant increase in productivity. The precisely-matched system package combines the Active Compliant Technology with a robot-compatible angle grinder. It is therefore possible to automate industrial grinding processes; the rotation speed, contact force and feeding rate can all be individually regulated. The AAK offers the highest process levels from a single source. The system design is compact and simple. The enormously durable grinder is designed for industrial use and delivers twice the output of standard devices.

Productdetails AAK

ASKActive Sensitive Kit

The ASK comprises a complete package as robot add-on going above and beyond the pure product. This comfortable solution enables to use the ACT potential on a sophisticated individual level. ASK was developed as a special convenient solution to enable the post-production processes for welded seams, weld spatters and powder deposits to be optimized. There are no additional, manual process steps required. It goes without saying that this technology can also be seamlessly integrated into existing structures.

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ABGActive Belt Grinder

The ABG equips robots with both a fast and flexible handling action in system cooperation. This technology was specially developed to be used in connection with not only small, but also diverse, component parts. If the robot presses a component part onto an Active Belt Grinder, the ABG intuitively adjusts itself to the form of the component, keeping both the contact force and processing speed constant. Therefore, processes such as grinding, polishing and deburring can be fully automated for all kinds of parts.

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