Grinding, polishing, deburring with ferrobotics

In the automotive production there are several production steps and sanding processes in which FerRobotics products based on the Active Compliant Technology (ACT) make a significant contribution to a perfect painting. The interactive compensation of tolerances on the workpiece and the compensation of position deviations of the part to be machined enable 100% unmanned machining in reliable cycle times and precisely reproducible top quality. In addition, the constant contact force reduces the consumption of abrasives and the integrated extraction system noticeably reduces the cleaning effort.

Typical applications:

Such grinding, sanding and polishing processes are also an essential part of the production of other vehicles such as trucks, buses, tractors, or e.g. forklifts. 

The ability to maintain a consistent level of contact force is the most important factor of these applications. FerRobotics solutions distinguish themselves by their interactive ability to offset surface tolerance levels up to 100 mm whilst the contact force is guaranteed to remain consistent. They are able to constantly produce top-quality products even when usage conditions are variable.  

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