Grinding, polishing, deburring with ferrobotics

Highest precision and quality are a matter of course in aerospace. Both the aircraft manufacturers and the supplier industry rely on the contact-sensitive solutions of the Active Compliant Technology ACT from FerRobotics in production. Particularly in grinding or sanding processes and for polishing, the necessary consistent high quality is achieved on the one hand, and productivity is increased on the other hand, as the consumption of abrasives, energy and personnel is significantly reduced.

Typical parts and application areas where our products are used for surface treatment:

  • Fuselage
  • Wings, tail units and rudders, spoilers, flaps, slats, winglets
  • Leading edges 
  • Engine parts (engine cowling, engine inlet lip skin, fan blades and turbine blades)
  • Various structural parts
  • Sandwich elements / honeycomb elements
  • Interior elements and parts
  • Acrylic glass windows

Additionally FerRobotics products are used in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of aircrafts for sanding, paint stripping / depainting, cleaning and to support quality inspections such as ultrasonic measurement.

Typical materials are aluminium, titanium, carbon fibre and glass fibre composites and other composite materials, steel, etc.

The ability to maintain a consistent level of contact force is the most important factor of these applications. FerRobotics solutions distinguish themselves by their interactive ability to offset surface tolerance levels up to 100 mm whilst the contact force is guaranteed to remain consistent. They are able to constantly produce top-quality products even when usage conditions are variable.

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