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Grinding, polishing, deburring with ferrobotics

Grinding, sanding and polishing various materials is part of everyday life in numerous different industries and branches. The various applications are extremely diverse. FerRobotics products offer the ideal solution and enormous added value, especially where grinding, sanding and polishing tasks are still performed manually because due to the lack of sensitivity of the robots and machines the processes could not be automated until now. During the grinding process, they provide the necessary sensitivity to achieve the desired perfect surface quality. Better results are also achieved when used together with humans, as the ideal contact pressure is always guaranteed during grinding. This not only produces consistent quality, but also achieves higher productivity through shorter cycle times and lower costs.

FerRobotics products are used for surface treatment of all typical materials such as metals (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, alloys, precious metals, etc.), wood, plastics, ceramics / stone / concrete, glass, composites, etc. in numerous industries - such as:

  • aerospace industry
  • automotive industry and automotive supply industry
  • building industry and interior design (decorative elements)
  • electrical and electronic industry
  • food industry (e.g. stainless steel containers) 
  • woodworking and furniture industry
  • luxury goods industry
  • medical technology - e.g. implants
  • metal construction and metalworking in general
  • musical instruments
  • plastics industry 
  • sanitary industry
  • sporting goods
  • tool manufacturers 

The ability to maintain a consistent level of contact force is the most important factor of these applications. FerRobotics solutions distinguish themselves by their interactive ability to offset surface tolerance levels up to 100 mm whilst the contact force is guaranteed to remain consistent. They are able to constantly produce top-quality products even when usage conditions are variable.

By the way: FerRobotics is UR+ Solutions partner of Universal Robots.

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