Belt Grinder

Cooperative belt grinding device for smaller component parts

This innovative complete solution flexibly automates the reliable surface processing of small and medium-sized work pieces. The ABG is an active sensitive belt grinder that provides a custom solution for the automated high-quality finishing of fittings, spectacle frames, implants, door handles and small cast parts for the automotive industry, etc. The floor-standing unit can be easily integrated into a robot cell. Close problematic automation gaps while at the same time improving your product quality – and create processes that are reliable, economical and perfectly reproducible.

Surface finishing processes: Grinding, deburring, polishing, brushing, etc.

All materials: Steel, aluminum, titanium, magnesium, carbon, plastic, wood, ceramics, coconut fiber, etc.


It’s our job to offer you the very solution today, that will solve your problems tomorrow and in doing so increase your competitiveness. With ACT, we attain better results in terms of both quality and productivity for everything involved in the process.



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Active Belt Grinder Product Picture
Max. Force (push) [N] 5 N up to standard 250 N (optionally: up to 500 N/800 N)
Stroke [mm] 48.0
Dimensions [mm] 1170x770x1760
Dead Weight[kg] 450
Power supply max. 7 bar, 30 µm, ISO 8573-1 Kl.3 (water- and oil-free) / AC 380...500 V, 16 A, 50 - 60 Hz
Motor rated power [W] 4000
Belt speed [m/s] 1-36
Air consumption [l/min] 20
Ambient temperature during operation [°C] +5...+40
Communcation Interfaces: Ethernet TCP/IP; Optional: Ethernet IP, DeviceNet, Profibus, ProfiNet, Analog I/O

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