Grinding Sanding Pads

Specially developed for robots and automated robotic applications

FerRobotics Grinding Discs

Grinding discs for random orbital sanders and rotary grinders

Deliver reproducible top quality in automation

This high-quality accessory completes the perfect performance of FerRobotics end-of-arm tools and paper changer. Thus, our new rotation grinding pads and orbital sanding pads optimize the paper changing operation and provide higher flexibility and durability. Produced in Germany with innovative materials and on strictest quality standards FerRobotics pads perform reproducible quality. A selection of different degrees of hardness delivers the perfect result according to the requirements of the individual grinding process. On top a save connection between pad and paper takes care on optimal compatibility with most common abrasives.

Media: suitable for sandpaper with or without velcro fastener

Hardness: Soft, Medium, Hard

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