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Our products stand for maximum benefit, optimal economic efficiency and guaranteed process reliability. We develop them using the most modern mechatronic methods, which is why our innovative products meet the highest technical standards and are characterized by their particularly simple operation, reliability and robustness.

FerRobotics offers the right solution depending on the desired user level. Whether it’s a multifunctional end-of-arm tool or a tailor-made comfort solution, the decisive advantage is the system's own contact intelligence. It increases the flexibility and quality of production, generates higher added value and sustainably optimizes functionality and efficiency.


at a glance

  • By equipping robots with tactile sensitivity, FerRobotics makes sure all the voids caused by automation in terms of quality are filled
  • Complex manual operations which are hazardous to health can be now automated
  • Both quality and precision are improved with automated contact processes
  • Added value is increased as the production process is both cheaper and quicker
  • Our technology can be integrated into both new and existing systems in a fast, flexible and reliable manner

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