Active Taping Kit

Complete solution

for robotic
masking and taping

The Active Taping Kit - ATK is a finely tuned system based on the patented Active Compliant Technology (ACT) and a tape applicator optimized for robot use. This integrated complete solution automates the industrial taping and masking process with individual control of all process parameters: contact force, cutting, tape ­consumption. The ATK offers the highest process quality from one source. The system design is ­compact and light. The enormously durable Active Taping Kit is designed to apply various kinds of tapes on any part or surface with exact repeatability. It delivers perfect results without bubbles or wrinkles, 24/7.

The ATK has been nominated for ECONOVIUS 2022.
A special price in the course of the Austrian National Innovation Award.

Revolutionary tool for precision application of masking tape by robots = Automated masking, taping, wrapping of free-form surfaces

  • Replaces manual taping and masking
  • Makes the process efficient and repeatable
  • Smooth masking on parts varying in shape
  • Easy integration


  • Bubble-free and wrinkle-free tape application = flat tape transfer
  • Contact/force intelligence through Active Compliant Technology
  • Intuitively follows surface contours/topography
  • Automatic gravity compensation for overhead work
  • More efficient adhesive consumption
  • Precisely reproducible production quality
  • Repeatable cutting enables complete process chain

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