Contact Flange Kit

Versatile Automation Kit

for Cobot surface treatment

The Active Contact Flange Kit is arguably the simplest, most flexible and most versatile Cobot tool that is currently available on the market for the automation of so far manual grinding work. The large selection of tools covers an extremely wide range of applications for manual processing. Equipped with our patented Active Compliant Technology, work can be done with the ACF-Kit that requires a high degree of sensitivity and flexibility. This contact intelligence enables immediate integration with minimal programming effort. The versatile and user-friendly plug & play tools are suitable for surface processing of almost all shapes and materials. Due to the modular structure, changing tools is ingeniously simple and flexible. This makes the ACF-Kit extremely attractive even with small lot sizes.

Surface treatment: Grinding, sanding, polishing, cleaning, stripping, brushing, deburring, ...

All types of material: Steel, aluminium, titanium, magnesium, carbon, plastic, wood, ceramic, coconut fibres, …

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