Easy to use cobot tool for Fanuc CRX-Series

FANUC CRX-ready End-Effector.
Plug & Play cobot tool for surface finishing.

We are so excited to announce that the FerRobotics ACF-K End Effector is now CRX-Ready!
Officially listed in the FANUC devices program for the CRX Collaborative Robots.

Our end-of-arm tool makes it simple and quick to get your automated surface treatment up and running. Just integrate it with the FANUC CRX Plugin (ipl-file) from FerRobotics.

FerRobotics Active Contact Flange-Kit (ACF-Kit) is arguably the simplest, most flexible and most versatile FANUC CRX Cobot End-Effector that is currently available on the market. For the automation of so far manual sanding, grinding and finishing work.
Without a doubt the large selection of specially adapted  Dynabrade Power Tools (Orbital sander, angular grinder, polisher, beltfile, jitterbug and many more) complete the end-of-arm tooling quality package and cover an extremely wide range of applications. Easy to integrate and simple to maintain.

With the unique and patented Active Compliant Technology, work can be done with the FerRobotics ACF-Kit that requires a high degree of sensitivity and flexibility. On the other hand the contact intelligence with real force control enables immediate integration with minimal programming effort. Gravity compensation in any direction and the patented sensor/actuator force compliance maintain constant pressure and enable a soft touchdown (no grinding marks) at the work surface. With this in mind the versatile and user-friendly plug & play tools are suitable for material removal or surface processing of almost all shapes and materials.

Equipped with a stroke of 35mm it is the best choice for the highest degree of flexibility when it comes to complex geometries. Due to the modular structure, changing tools is ingeniously simple and flexible. This makes the ACF-Kit easy to integrate and extremely attractive even with small lot sizes. It includes everything required for installation.

> ACF-Kit Datasheet <<

The perfect package to start automating your surface finishing processes.

The ACF-Kit is compatible with the robot models:

CRX-10iA, CRX-10iA/L, CR-14iA/L, CR-15iA, CRX-20iA/L, CRX-25iA, CR-35iB


> Product infos on FANUC CRX Devices website - America <<

>> Product infos on FANUC CRX Devices website - Europe <<

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