Easy Finishing Kit

ACF-K + RoboDK Software
Ready2Use Cobot Tool

Versatile Cobot Automation Kit

for Surface Treatment with Universal Robots

The Universal Robots+ FerRobotics Easy Finishing Kit (EFK = ACF-K + RoboDK Software) is the perfect package to start automating surface finishing processes. It is arguably the simplest, most flexible and most versatile UR Cobot tool that is currently available on the market for the automation of so far manual sanding, grinding and finishing work. It delivers the Plug and Play cobot tool ACF-Kit, with the unique Active Compliant Technology by FerRobotics and the intuitive robot simulation software RoboDK for path programming, as well as collision and reach tests without programming knowledge. The flexible finishing tool (with a large selection of specially adapted Dynabrade Power Tools) brings the highest quality in every process because of automated tolerance compensation and the best real time force control (FerRobotics patented Active Compliant Technology). The RoboDK Software is a powerful and cost-effective simulator for robots and robot programming. RoboDK’s simulation and offline programming tools allows you to program your UR robots outside the production environment, eliminating production downtime caused by shop floor programming. Easily simulate and program your cobot offline from your 3D models and deploy URP and SCRIPT robot programs with just a few clicks. The FerRobotics Easy Finishing Kit is compatible with the Universal Robots models UR10, UR10e and UR16e.

The versatile and user-friendly plug & play tools are suitable for material removal or surface processing of almost all shapes and materials. Due to the modular structure, changing tools is ingeniously simple and flexible. This makes the Easy Finishing Kit extremely attractive even with small lot sizes.

FerRobotics is Universal Robots CERTIFIED

Surface treatment: Grinding, sanding, polishing, cleaning, stripping, brushing, deburring, ...

All types of material: Steel, aluminium, titanium, magnesium, carbon, plastic, wood, ceramic, coconut fibres, …

Space Team TU-Wien rocket sanding with ACF-Kit

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