2-in-1 End-of-Arm Tool for Paint Repair

Automated Paint Repair gets new industry standard.
Precise sanding and polishing with just one tool.

During the painting of plastic or metal parts, visible defects usually occur in the paint (e.g. due to dust particles). Until now, these were removed with exhausting, time-consuming manual work. Depending on the feeling of the employees during the day, the result could vary. In addition, the strenuous activity (ergonomics and sanding dust = 3D jobs) is a burden for the skilled workers performing the work. With the automated paint finish, these 2 work steps "sanding and polishing" are now done by only one EOAT (End of Arm Tool).

The FerRobotics AOK XS Double Header

Proven application fields are of course in the automotive sector and related supply industry, as well as for electrical appliances, in mechanical engineering and in the furniture industry.

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The Active Orbital Kit XS Double Header revolutionizes the automated paint repair of plastic and metal surfaces. The EOAT operates two tools on one robot quickly and efficiently without any device change. It is another intelligent system package of a specially designed electric random orbital sander/polisher based on the patented Active Compliant Technology®.

Contact pressure is continuously validated

Especially the industrial sanding and polishing process in partial paint repair benefits from this integrated ready-to-use solution since the system achieves a structure-free surface processing of all materials robot-compatible. The very unique feature is that the applied contact pressure is continuously validated in real time by innovative, redundant force monitoring via sensors and a conditioned calculation model. This enormously durable end-of-arm tool is ideal for industrial use and delivers twice the output of standard devices - 24/7. However, the double header impresses with reacting extremely fast and highly sensitive due to a light and compact design. All critical parameters, such as rotation speed, contact and process force as well as feed rate, may be individually controlled, thus enabling 100% process control. A fully integrated servo motor provides the drive. The AOK XS Double Header requires little maintenance and is universally compatible with many abrasives.

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