e AOK 403 - Active Orbital Kit - Paint Repair Innovation

Now also with electric active compliance: The new FerRobotics eAOK 403 Double Header

Formula e: Fully electric + highly sensitive Paint Repair Tool

During the painting of plastic or metal surfaces, visible defects inevitably occur in the paint (e.g. dust, craters,...). Until now, these defects have been detected by many OEMs and their Tier1 suppliers in laborious, time-consuming manual work by trained personnel using visual inspection and then removed manually. In addition to a vision system, an automated defect repair system provides a remedy by performing the "finesse sanding and polishing" by only one sensitive and compact end-of-arm tool.

The fully electric Active Orbital Kit 403 Double Header is an intelligent system package with patented Active Compliant Technology. A specially designed linear actuator generates motion electrically and wear-free. An integrated servo amplifier @50microsec provides 20,000x/sec of uncompromisingly reliable and responsive force. In addition, continuous validation of the applied contact force is continuously validated in real time, by innovative redundant force monitoring via sensors and a conditioned calculation model.

All critical parameters, such as rotation speed, contact and process force as well as feed rate, may be individually controlled, enabling 100% process control. This precise, highly sensitive technology is ideal for paint repair.

The end effector combines an electric random orbital sander and polisher, is very light, space-saving and compact. The advantage is the possibility to operate two tools (without changing) quickly and efficiently on one robot flange. Everything is designed to make the structure-free surface finishing of all materials robot-compatible. This integrated, ready-to-use complete solution thus automates the industrial sanding and polishing process in partial paint repair. The enormously resilient end effector is designed for industrial use and delivers twice the power of commercially available equipment, 24/7. The eAOK 403 Double Header requires little maintenance and is universally compatible with many abrasives.


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An electric lightweight with a perfect feeling for fast processes

„Especially when it comes to dynamic processes, the payload of the tool plays a decisive role. With its very low moving mass, there are hardly any load change reactions or disturbing inertia effects with the FerRobotics eAOK 403 Double Header. Here, the ratios of mass, force range and process forces for sanding and polishing fit together perfectly. Therefore, it is a match for fully automated paint repair applications," explains Sebastian Gottwald, Technical Manager at system integrator accell GmbH. In addition to the correct control of speed and robot movement, the exact contact force is essential for success. "The eAOK 403 Double Header can sand and polish the defect in one step," says Gottwald "and by adjusting the contact force depending on the defect class, the force required to remove the paint defect perfectly is applied repeatedly."


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