Active Angular Kit
AAK 505/605 + AAK 515

The new FerRobotics AAK Tool Changer Series for maximum flexibility!


An essential factor in automated production is the fast and cost-optimized access to the right tools. Especially for components with many machining steps and smaller batch sizes, you can secure your economic advantage with an end-of-arm tool that can do everything. This is where the FerRobotics Active Angular Kit tool changing system scores. Enabling rapid job modulations as a plug&play system.

After all, those who can produce faster, more consistently and thus more cost-effectively have an advantage when it comes to placing orders.

The integrated proven system packages with sensitive contact force control (the patented Active Compliant Technology) are used especially for robotic:

- angle grinding
- sanding
- eccentric polishing
- deburring
- cutting
- axial/radial brushing
- satin finishing
and much more

Universally compatible with all common abrasive attachments.
So no special or manufacturer-dependent consumables are required.

Amazing new robotic tools for automation experts who rely on "full sensitive power ahead" for surface finishing tasks in the aerospace, automotive and general industry.

Electric drive - no spindle motor - all synchronously driven.
Real force control and real rpm control.
In all directions - with almost any tool you can imagine.


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System solution with tool taper holder for flexible surface treatment

The AAK tool changer product family is a precisely coordinated system package based on Active Compliant Technology (ACT) and optimized for robot use.

Sophisticated changeover tools, with straight and 90-degree drive option, enable rapid job modulations as a plug-and-play system. This integrated complete solution automates the industrial machining process with individual control of all process parameters: Rotation speed, contact force and feed rate. The end effector with tool taper holder is available in different power versions, with a fully integrated servo motor providing the powerful drive.

It is universally compatible with all common abrasive attachments - so no special or manufacturer-dependent consumables are required.

The AAK Tool Changer product family is ideal for many types of surface treatment and offers the highest process quality from one source. The system design is compact and lightweight. The enormously robust end effector is designed for industrial use, requires little maintenance and delivers performance 24/7.

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